BT will be making major changes to the services that it provides which includes the discontinuation of highly used networks. Our FAQ will hopefully address any of the queries or concerns that you may have around the switch off.

What Is the BT 2025 Switch off?

British Telecoms have announced that they will be terminating their ISDN and PSTN services. This brings the use of analogue phone lines to an end ensuring that communication technology makes the transition to the online.

After 2020, telephone users will not be able to purchase ISDN or PSTN services after 2020, with the complete switch off taking place in 2025.
For companies that are still using ISDN and PSTN based systems, the thought of not being able to use these services after 2025 might be concerning. Since you and your business are basically being made to change whether it is wanted or not.

The current system has seen changes and improvements since it was introduced in the 1800s. It still uses technology and hardware that was created several centuries ago. The result is that the cost maintaining this system are rising constantly. This means that this cost increase will need to be passed on to the end-user. ISDN and PSTN services are not tailored to the needs of businesses in this modern age. There are lots of other methods of sending data available in the marketplace that come at a lower cost, have higher speeds and are more reliable.

How Will Communication Change Within My Business?

Just over 2 million businesses within the UK will be affected by the this and will primarily be small companies. The larger amount of these businesses will be small companies that have a large landline usage.

Businesses will need to look at other ways of communicating.

What Should You Do Now?

We suggest that businesses that are currently using ISDN and PSTN take this opportunity to look at VOIP solutions as this supports the use of old technology which uses ISDN and PSTN.

What Is ISDN?

ISDN is an abbreviation of Integrated Service Digital Network. It came in just after dial up however it has a lot of similarities to its predecessor due to the fact it used hard-wire phone line connections to enable communication. Many people reference this technology as being the start of modern, fast internet solutions. This service allows businesses to send information, including voice calls and images.

What Is PSTN?

This age-old technology was created during the 1800’s and allows for information to be sent through copper wires. Businesses have made use of PSTN as their preferred method of making phone calls. For the majority of operations, PSTN is at the heart of communication.

Who Will This Affect?

The switch-off will affect a large amount of small businesses, as they are less reliant on advanced communication solutions than bigger companies meaning they haven’t needed to change their systems.

42% of SMEs still use analogue lines to send data. This works out at around 2.4 million businesses. And, even though many larger businesses have already upgraded their communication systems, not all have made the switch. Approximately 33% of larger firms still use ISDN or PSTN. Basically, there are still a lot of British businesses reliant on their fixed landlines.

If you use landline systems after 2025, there will likely be consequences for your business.

What Impact Will This Have on My Business?

The way that the BT 2025 switch off will affect each business will vary depending on how much ISDN or PSTN technology that a company uses. If you re using ISDN, changing your services to support a fibre-optic connection only requires changing the internet package that you currently use.

The larger impacts come into play when considering other methods of communication, primary voice calling. Unless you plan on removing the use of landlines all together, these platforms need specific means of support to transmit data.

How Can We Help?

If you are at risk of issues due to the BT 2025 switch off, VoIP may be the best option for you. With only a few small changes, you can continue to use all the same hardware that you use today. Get in touch with one of the team by clicking here to discuss how Zero may be able to support your business with VoIP solutions and offer advice and guidance on the BT 2025 switch off.