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Pam's Testimonial

Pam Prendergast - Business Manager

I first met with Peter from Zero in July 2016 when I was looking at photocopying/printing service options for our school. We had used the same company for years and were on a rolling lease, with ever increasing costs.

I had met with several other companies as part of the best value exercise always carried out when looking for new suppliers. I was instantly impressed with Peter’s professional and honest approach as he explained how Zero would provide the services we required within our budget.

At no time did I feel pressurised to use Zero, and was impressed with Peter’s enthusiasm, professionalism and understanding of the pressure of budget constraints. He explained everything thoroughly and I didn’t feel that I was being railroaded into a contract that was unsuitable or I couldn’t afford.

I signed a 5 year lease beginning in September 2016, with considerable savings compared to the previous supplier. As part of the service all staff received training on the machines when they were installed. The quality of the copies and printing is excellent, with efficient machines that can handle the bulk copying that schools create!

However the service we have received from Zero has been fantastic and is the key reason I would recommend them.

If we have ever had cause to call them out to a machine fault the response has been immediate. From the initial phone call reporting the fault, to the engineer attending site, the staff are friendly, polite, prompt and thorough.

The following year, whilst working with another school within our Trust, I was happy to recommend Zero and they too signed a contract. The feedback I have since received from them is just as positive.

Therefore, I would not hesitate in recommending Zero for their professional and honest approach in all areas of their service.