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Are you looking to rent a photocopier or looking to buy your very own Multifunctional Device? Now you do not have to, with our comparison table. You can see some of the benefits of each option, therefore it's really down to which one is suited to you. That is one of the main things we like to pride ourselves on, the fact we offer variety, whether it be Printer Rental or Printer Purchasing, we are sure that we have the solution for you!
Feature Printer Rental Printer Purchasing
Cost When Renting your machine. You will have the opportunity to spread your cost, therefore you will not be required to pay for it all at once. This allows you then to spend your money on other necessary purchases for your business/company. Alongside with a cost-effective solution for your printing solutions, we also pride ourselves on our dedicated and hard-working support team who are there to provide only the best customer experience. When purchasing outright from Zero, you will be met by our devoted Zero Team who are passionate about what they do. We try to keep the liaising as smooth and as detailed as possible so that as a customer, you are completely aware of what you will be purchasing. If you decide to purchase your own machine, this gives you the opportunity to do with it as you wish, therefore if one day in 3 - 5 years you decide that your machine is not being used then it is yours to do with as you wish. We will have no ties to the machine at all because after all, it will be yours!
Ownership When Renting a machine, you will not physically have any ownership over the machine itself. The ownership of the machine will be retained by the leasing company, therefore we will not own the machine either. We have just as much to lose as our customer if optimum service is not provided when a customer rings up or makes an enquiry. We like to make sure that we provide the same if not better services than we expect for companies to provide when we deal with them. Printer Rental also allows you to upgrade your existing contract should you find it to become outdated therefore it gives you that opportunity to not have to purchase a brand new machine, allowing you to spread the cost yet again of the latest model. This will not only increase savings but the more updated the machine, the better output you will receive from its capabilities. Ownership of a machine is also a great solution for your photocopying needs. With purchasing the machine outright, you will be able to enter a service contract if you choose to do so which provides access to consumables such as paper and toner. This also gives you the ability to sell the machine at any point should you no longer require its usage, therefore, you are not bound to be paying for a device you are not using.

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