Secure printing

It may look like a harmless piece of office equipment but a MFP that is used to scan, print, fax and copy documents is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment often containing a hard disk drive (HDD), a web server and its own IP address. This technology captures processes and stores data and is, in essence, a computer.

    Toshiba has developed sophisticated self encrypting hard disk drives with ‘wipe’ technology and these are implemented within its multifunctional products (MFP), further enhancing their suitability for business sectors where security of confidential data is a priority. The data on the secure HDD is encrypted with a 256 bit algorithm in near real time and requires authentication from the MFP that houses it to access the data. Removal of the HDD and connection to any other device initiates a ‘self destruct’ process and all data is erased, automatically making the data totally secure and impossible to read.

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