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Health Shield Friendly Society has a mixed fleet of printers, faxes and photocopiers. Part of my remit was to reduce costs and increase productivity through the use of technology, reducing the number of disparate systems and consolidating functions into multi-functional devices.

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Our organization uses Microsoft Dynamics products for our ERP and CRM functions. We have approximately 600 letters which are sent to our membership as required. We were buying in pre-printed letter headed paper, then printing our letter onto this. We decid-ed to move to printing our letter heads on demand, realizing a saving on each printed sheet. We would need the letter head graphic on the front page, not on any subse-quent pages. Rather than amend 600 letter we decided that we wanted the printer to control this function.

We spoke with many providers, who liaised with manufacturers to create a solution. We found Peter Thompson at Zero took ownership of the request, bringing specialists into our organization to fulfil the requirements. Peter understood our requirements from the initial meeting and relayed exact requirements through to Toshiba. He put a lot of time and effort into the project and stood out above all other potential suppliers. Our relationship with Peter and Zero is a very healthy one, with us receiving exceptional service and attention. I believe that and manufacturer would benefit from having Zero as a partner / supplier where their service and industry knowledge can give Toshiba competitive advantage.

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Health Shield will help to improve people’s lives by being even better tomorrow than we are today.

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