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Interactive Digital Tables

Presenting the Digital Rainbow Tables: A collection of handcrafted interactive tables designed exclusively for the care and educational sector within the UK. Imbued with a personal touch, these tables are meticulously fashioned from wood. Our cutting-edge touch tables boast an array of applications sourced from the Google Store, offering a blend of entertainment, education, cognitive exercises, and more.

Safety stands as our paramount concern. To mitigate any potential tripping hazards, the table is equipped with a wooden flat cover over its wheels. Facilitating collaborative experiences, the table features a multi-touch screen that accommodates numerous users concurrently. Its innovative rotation capability ensures accessibility in both portrait and landscape orientations.

The Digital Rainbow Tables exhibit effortless mobility, facilitated by a rechargeable battery and integrated wheels. This mobility guarantees convenient relocation, allowing everyone to partake in the captivating interactive encounters the table provides. Moreover, the table’s surface, composed of 5 mm toughened safety glass, guarantees sturdiness while remaining easy to wipe clean, thereby upholding stringent hygiene standards.


We will personally deliver your table, straight from the factory and give you advice on how to use the table when we are there.

Tailored Apps

We'll assist you in embarking on your journey with the table by providing a selection of initial apps to kickstart your experience.

Care & Education

Cutting-edge tables designed to perfectly suit the demands of the care and education sectors, offering an interactive and dynamic experience.

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