Telephony & VoIP

Simplifying VoIP

VoIP, Cloud PBX, On-Site PBX, Cloud Telephony… what is VoIP?

There are many industry-accepted terms that encompass the ideology behind an internet telephone solution. In essence, the end user will always end up using the telephone via a traditional device on the table, or by ‘App’ on their mobile, computer or tablet.

The main decision involved in transitioning to VoIP is whether on-site or cloud PBX is utilised. The PBX is what facilitates and configures the lines, extensions, call settings etc and this can either be performed virtually in the cloud, or on-site in the form of a physical PBX box. Zero can help you understand which option is best for your business without unnecessary complications.

If you haven’t already switched over to an internet telephone solution, get in touch with us and a member of the team will reach out to discuss how Zero can provide the right solution for your business.