VoIP Internet Telephone Features

Whether you rent just a single telephone number or a suite of services on our Hosted PBX – includes a long list of sophisticated free features. These features are simple to use and usually require no set-up.

Features such as call transfer, call forwarding, music on hold, call conferencing and voicemails sent by email, multiple lines (SIP Trunks), are expensive to provide on a traditional telephone line and some are just simply impossible. But now the impossible is free with every order.

For example, using VoIP you can make and receive as many simultaneous calls on your telephones as you like at no extra cost – you no longer need to rent another BT telephone line if you just need another telephone number or if you need to have several calls on the go at once. Have as many simultaneous calls on our service as you like – we don’t charge you a penny extra. This one free feature can save your business thousands of pounds per year or just make your home life less stressful!

You’ll find the full list of the free features that will help you with your business every day below.
  • Voicemail

    Voicemail is your digital answering machine. You can listen to messages from a landline, mobile phone, the internet and email.

  • Call Hold

    You may need to deal with something else whilst you are on the phone. You can easily put a caller on hold until you are ready.

  • Busy Lamps

    Busy Lamps are available on our PBX. This means that you can see which extensions are busy, which are ringing and which are free.

  • Call Waiting

    You will be able to see when someone is calling, even if you are using the phone. This allows you to toggle between multiple calls.

  • Voicemail to Email

    When you're busy, you can have your service divert to voicemail. The voicemail message will be emailed to you.

  • Message Waiting Indication

    If your phone or adapter supports it, you can be notified that you have a voicemail message waiting.

  • Software Telephone

    You can make internet phone calls from your PC using the softphone which turns your PC into a fully featured telephone.

  • Call Records

    You can see the calls you have received or even missed during the day with details of who called, when and how long the call lasted.

  • Caller ID

    Caller ID identifies your phone to the network. All users have Caller ID enabled as standard.

  • Music On Hold

    Easily put a caller on hold and while you're away the caller will be able to listen to music.

  • Call Transfer

    You can easily transfer any call you are making to another person, anywhere, on any network, either mobile or landline.

  • 1471 Last Number to Call

    When you call 1471, we read back to you the number of the last call; whether you answered or not.

  • 3 Way Calls

    It's often very useful to bring a third person into a phone call and with Zero, it's really easy to do.

  • Online Control Panel

    With our Online Control Panel, you can manage your account in real time, from any PC with an internet connection.

  • Emergency Services Access

    All customers can call emergency services immediately on sign-up. We take your safety seriously.

  • Web Calls

    If you have access to the internet, you can use any phone anywhere to make a call and have the call charged to your account.

  • Edit Caller ID

    You can have several numbers. If you have other numbers, you can choose which number you want to send.

  • UK Based Support

    We offer a personalised service from our professional, UK service centre. Get in touch and speak to one of the team today.