Remove and prevent a photocopier paper jam

What is a Paper Jam?

A paper jam happens when a piece of paper is stuck within the printer/photocopier/scanner. This operator will have to manually remove the piece of paper from the machine before the device can continue to print.

How does a Paper Jam occur?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the production of a Paper Jam, however, it is mainly due to the paper that is being used. Ensuring that the paper has been checked for curls and creases is vital. Copy stock should be kept in a non-damp environment. It could even relate to the weight of paper that is being used and the fact that the device is out of specification.

How do you remove a Paper Jam?

You are always welcome to call us on 03333 207 200 if you should encounter any issues when clearing a jam however you are more than welcome to use the below steps to clear it.

  1.  Switch the machine off at the wall and restart the machine. It is possible that the Jam will clear itself during the reboot sequence.
  2. If the Jam persists and you can see the paper that is jammed, give it a gentle pull to remove it from the machine.
  3. If you can’t see the paper and your printer has a screen, the location of the jam alongside a photo of the area will be displayed on the photocopier’s interface.
  4. If your printer doesn’t have a screen, you will have to look through the machine to find the piece of paper that has been jammed.
  5. Once the paper has been removed, open the paper trays and ensure that all the sheets are aligned perfectly on top of one another without curls and creases.

How can you prevent Paper Jams from occurring in the future?

  1. Always only use a single type of paper in the tray at any time.
  2. Review the manual that came with the printer to find out the maximum weights that the machine is capable of printing on.
  3. Ensure you have selected the correct thickness on the print controls on your pc/laptop.
  4. Always store your paper in a cool and dry place but be wary of moisture which can damage the paper.
  5. When adding the paper to the machine, ensure that there are no wrinkles, creases or curls in any of the sheets.
  6. Do not overload the paper trays, use the guides as a reference.
  7. Do not open the paper tray whilst the machine is printing – this will disrupt the print job and will lead to several mis-feeds.
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